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  1. 7 Days of Locura

    09 Apr 2018

    This story was originally published in Skiing Magazine in 2016. See it online here. Alex Taran has been ski guiding all over Chile for eight years. She’s a dirtbag who can almost pee her name in the snow, and she’s been chasing winter for 17 seasons straight. And me? Well,…

  2. Eating Cake

    11 Feb 2017

    Orginally published in Skiing Magazine 2016 Adventure Guide. Like every American skier, I’d been hearing about Japanuary—a trendy pilgrimage to Japan each winter to ski the deepest snow in the world—and knew someday, somehow, I would have to go. Then last winter, my boyfriend’s dad, Mike, offered to take us…

  3. Parkin’ It

    11 Oct 2016

    This article is from the October 2016 Mountain Guide Issue of Skiing Magazine  (Volume 69/Number 1) Even though it hasn’t snowed for days, the snow is pristine and there are no tracks in sight—and it’s not because a snowmobile, cat, or heli dropped us off. We walked here. We’re on…

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