1. Elyse Saugstad Profile

    Date 11 Feb 2017
    Originally published on Tetongravity.com Elyse Saugstad wouldn’t call herself brave, but all of her friends would. The 37-year-old pro skier from Girdwood, Alaska, has had to be brave in order to build herself up as a freerider back when freeriding was barely even a thing. Elyse is also calculated, focused,…

  2. Eating Cake

    Date 11 Feb 2017
    Orginally published in Skiing Magazine 2016 Adventure Guide. Like every American skier, I’d been hearing about Japanuary—a trendy pilgrimage to Japan each winter to ski the deepest snow in the world—and knew someday, somehow, I would have to go. Then last winter, my boyfriend’s dad, Mike, offered to take us…

  3. Z

    Date 22 Jan 2017
    Originally published in Skiing Magazine’s 2017 Adventure Guide  As I tour behind Zahan Billimoria up a peak called 25 Short in Grand Teton National Park, he tells me how he became a mountain guide. It involves a Swiss dude named Christophe, three years of seven-day workweeks, and a really hard…

  4. Sage’s Story: From Dishwasher To Skiing Icon

    Date 11 Oct 2016
    Originally published on Tetongravity.com on September, 29 2016. See it here.  I knew a thing or two about Sage Cattabriga-Alosa before I interviewed him for this story. He’s 36 years old and ski obsessed. He’s been in 18 TGR films over the last 15 years. he has crazy hair. He has this revered, smooth,…

  5. Faces + Places - Rory Bushfield

    Date 11 Oct 2016
    Originally published on Tetongravity.com in Collab with Orage. http://rad.tetongravity.com/orage-faces-and-places-rory-squamish/ Rory Bushfield’s first memory in life is getting candy from his ski instructor Edmore on the chairlift at Mt. Norquay Ski Resort outside of Banff, British Columbia. He was two years old and already set up for a lifetime of skiing. At…

  6. Parkin’ It

    Date 11 Oct 2016
    This article is from the October 2016 Mountain Guide Issue of Skiing Magazine  (Volume 69/Number 1) Even though it hasn’t snowed for days, the snow is pristine and there are no tracks in sight—and it’s not because a snowmobile, cat, or heli dropped us off. We walked here. We’re on a…

  7. Taking the Backseat

    Date 03 May 2016
    Originally published on skiingmag.com When I saw my brothers walk out the doors at the Denver airport I got butterflies. The kind of butterflies reserved for family members you haven’t seen in a long time. I gave them both big hugs and we walked to my Subaru in short-term parking. …

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